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Select Ensembles

The Washington Middle School Music and Drama Department 

It is the time of year where we start to select students to be a part of our honors music ensembles for the next school year. These groups are for students looking to take the next step in their musical journey and are separate from the ensembles your students already take part in. We are so excited to announce that next year our honors ensembles will be scheduled classes during the regular school day! Students who participate will still be in their regular ensembles and sectionals as well. 

Available Groups (Students may apply to be in multiple honors groups):

       Wind Ensemble, directed by Mr. Ciasullo (woodwind, brass, and percussion)

       Chamber Strings, directed by Mr. Potts (string instruments)

       The Crescendos, directed by Mrs. Mendes (chorus/vocalists)


Description: These groups will meet all year during school hours, once every four days. The groups will perform their own music focused on more challenging material and additional performance opportunities. Mandatory after school rehearsals and performances may be required.


  1. Students in these groups are expected to practice and prepare their music on their own outside of class time.
  2. Students are required to perform in additional performances and events. 
  3. Students participating in these groups are expected to demonstrate leadership, maturity, and self-discipline. 


In order to join these groups, students will need to fill out an application. Selection will be based on student answers as well as past student performance and behavior in music class. We do have limited space available for these groups but we will do our best to take as many qualifying students as possible


The application must be submitted by May 20th.

Information Session:

If you have any questions about Honors Groups, please contact the directors