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MPS District Choral Fest

Choral Fest is designed to introduce grade 5 students to the large choral ensemble experience and to introduce grade 8 vocalists to high school SATB literature. This is a collaborative event during the school day encompassing all elementary schools and our secondary choral departments. 

  • Chorał students are bussed from each school to Maloney High School and return before the end of the school day. 
  • Students are arranged into large choral ensembles directed by MPS teachers. Grade 5 students work with middle school staff and 8-12 students work with our high school directors. 
  • Students eat lunch in their own designated lunch wave in the Maloney cafeteria
  • Music is provided to all students but their school music teacher and dedicated time will be setup too provide rehearsal and assistance to students. 
  • There is no public performance at this event. This is designed as a masterclass, with the focus being on conceptual learning and the experience of large-group choral performance
  • Questions should be directed to the school music teacher, who will be your students chaperone throughout the event. 

2023 Event Logistics:

February 1st - Maloney High School
Choir 1 (Bandroom) SA - Grade 5 (Pulaski, Barry, Hanover, Franklin)
25 max from each school - 100 member ensemble
Conductors: Kevorkian, Henderson
Choir 2 (Choral Room) SA - Grade 5 (Sherman, Hooker, Hale, Putnam)
25 max from each school - 100 member ensemble
Conductors: Mendes, Henderson
Choir 3 (Stage) SATB - Grade 8-12 (WMS, EMS, LMS, Platt, Maloney)
All grade 8 students, HS select ensembles - 125 Est. member ensemble 
Conductors: Pelletier, Stevens
8:45 SATB ensemble start
9:30 SA ensembles start 
12:00 lunch
12:30 SATB performances for grade 5 students
1:30 Middle/HS Departure
1:45 Elem Departure