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Chorus and Rock Band

At Hanover the music depart offers two after school programs, the Hanover Chorus and the Hounds Rock Band. Each group meets for 30 min after school and are open to 4th and 5th graders. 


Hanover Chorus

Auditions for the Hanover chorus are held in mid-September. To audition for the Hanover Chorus each student must prepare a small selection of a school appropriate song so showcase their ability to sing. This group can have up to 30 students participating. 

The Chorus performs at the Veteran's Day Assembly, Christmas in the Village (City of Meriden), at the Meriden Chorus Festival (5th Grade only), at the Spring Concert, AND MORE!

Hounds Rock Band

Auditions for the Hound Rock Band are held in late-September. To audition for the Hounds Rock Band each student must prepare a selection to play on an instrument. If the student doesn't play an instrument or isn't currently taking instrument lessons, they will be able to play on a hand drum or their recorder (from third grade). They will have to demonstrate the ability to play complex rhythms and repeat back rhythms played to them. Depending on skills and talent the instruments available in this group are Drums, Bass Guitar, Guitar, Ukulele, Piano and Vocals. This is a small group of 5-7 students. 

4/10/20 The Chorus and Rock Band Debut the Hanover School Song!

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