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Instrumental End-Of-Year Processes 2020

Due to the ongoing pandemic and our distance learning plans, we are following different procedures for the end of our instrumental music year. The following processes will be in place for all Meriden Public Schools from May through August of 2020:

Students currently in grades 4 through 11 who currently have an MPS instrument signed out to them have the option of keeping it for the summer in order to continue their practicing and overall activity on the instrument. Students do not need to return their instrument to school if they are continuing their playing next fall. 

All students keeping their instrument over the summer must be registered for instrumental music for the 2020-2021 school year.. Registration cane be done via our website.

Students who DO NEED TO RETURN instruments to school:

1. Graduating high schools seniors must return instruments to their respective school on designated dates/times specified by teachers and administrators. Instruments must be returned before diplomas are awarded.

2. Any student who is not planning on continuing their instrumental studies next fall and has an instrument at home must return their instrument to their school main office prior to the end of the school year. 

3. Any student who will be leaving our school district and not returning to MPS this fall must return their instrument to their schools main office prior to the end of the school year. This includes any student going to Thomas Edison Middle School for grade 6 - Thomas Edison Middle School is not part of our district. 

If students have instruments at school and want them to use over the summer:

Students who currently have instruments signed out them but left the instrument at school in March when we shutdown have the option of coming to school to get their instrument to use over the summer. Special arrangements must be made with the students music teacher to get the instrument at a mutually at a specified time. 

Student inventory records are viewable by students and parents via their school Charms system account.

Start of school process in August, 2020

Students returning to the same school next fall and continuing to play instrumental music will be able to continue to use the instrument signed out to them. Repairs, sanitization and maintenance will be provided as needed. 

Students who are moving to middle and high school will bring their current instrument to their new school. Teachers will either have students continue to use the instrument assigned to them or collect the instruments and sign out new instruments to them.


The Meriden Public Schools takes this pandemic very seriously and has adopted numerous safeguards in order to protect our students and staff. Our music department will be following all social distancing and safety guidelines adopted by our district. In addition to this, we have partnered with a company that can sanitize instruments for us. We will also use disinfecting spray for all instruments in the classroom, eliminate any sharing of any personal instrumental equipment and more. Details will be available as we return this fall.