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Virtual Performance Events - Fall/Winter 2020

Hanover School Winter Concert

Washington Middle School Holiday Event! 

Chili Pepper with the Maloney Jazz Ensemble! 


Sleigh Ride at Maloney.. Happy Holidays! 

The Maloney Marching Band Season Film

Lincoln Middle School House of Untold Horrors (Recording of Halloween Live Stream)

Platt High School Choir - Time Warp 

Hanover School Veteran's Day Event

Maloney Marching Band Final Fall Showcase (Recording of Live Stream)

The Meriden Secondary Distance Learning Art Exhibit - Fall 2020

Little Women Show Teaser - Maloney High School

Platt High School String Ensemble 1

Maloney Jazz Ensemble

Maloney Marching Band at Thomas Hooker (Recording of Live Stream)

Lincoln Middle School Keep Your Head Up Collaborative by Andy Grammar!

Hanover Rock Band Debut

The Hanover Chorus Virtual Performance